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Pinus Densiflora ‘Golden Ghost’

July 30, 2009

Growth Rate

Ten Year Height




There are so many variable when trying to react to air temperature changes that if you do over react it can be problematic.I was talking earlier yesterday with a large nursery in Portland, OR and they’re not changing their watering schedule at all due to the heat wave in the NW. The plants have been on the same watering schedule since they were first planted and to drastically change the amount or frequency of water would give the plants just another new challenge to deal with in addition to the heat.

Most of the problem with certain conifers in the southeast US have more to do with soil then air temps and humidity. Another huge factor is most conifers are grown in the NW and are on their seasonal clock and when are newly planted in the SE are clock runs faster. An Abies koreana that is delivered to a nursery or shipped in early spring from the NW would probably have another 6-8 weeks of mild temps and humidity there but will only have 4-6 weeks of those conditions in the SE. I’m doing a pretty extensive trial this spring on some of these subjects and I’ll keep everyone up to date.